Humphrey the Snoring Hickopotumus

Personality: happy-go-lucky, snoozy, bumpkinly

Story: Yee-hah! Quit lollygagging around and say howdy to the good ol’Moshlings that love digging, sowing, milking and mowing. If they’re not busy working the ranch, Snoring Hickos enjoy grabbing fourty winks under the shade of a wacky windmill. Trouble is, forty winks often turns into fourty hours and that’s a mighty long time when you’re supposed to be mixing lazy daisy moonshine.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit several Hicko ranches, and nothing beats watching the sun go down after a rollicking barn dance and a few slugs of Hicko firewater.

Habitat: Snoring Hickos live and work on the ranches scattered across Skedaddle Prairie down Whoop ‘n’ Holler Valley.

Likes: Pickin’ the banjo and chewing enchanted corn.

Dislikes: Concrete and the smell of manure in the morning

How to get the moshling: any hot silly pepper

                                         any crazy daisy

                                         any magic beans


more beasties and more soon



About giantpaw1999

Im a 17 year old girl. Fangirl for life. If you wanna ask me anything just email me I dont mind. (literally my status for 3 years)
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